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Established in South Africa in 1997, KOTAG was initially affiliated with Van Mook Graveertechnieken in Holland. This affiliation enabled us to benefit from their experience and additionally from having our technicians trained at their facility in Holland and the Graphograph Centre in Belgium. In 2007 KOTAG became wholly South African owned, although we do maintain a close relationship with Van Mook.

KOTAG operates out of Johannesburg, with a team of capable people, using computerised engraving and cutting-edge laser technology to produce any variety of high-quality engraved products desired.

Preferred Supplier

We are proud to say that we have a retention rate of almost 100% of over 100 active customer accounts. In most cases we have been awarded “Preferred Supplier” status, validating our efforts to provide service excellence.

Among the many customers we are proud to be associated with are:

KOTAG in the movies

In 2005, KOTAG was selected to manufacture and supply the Military and United Nations beret emblems, as well as name and picture badges for the internationally acclaimed film Hotel Rwanda. This movie received a number of international awards.

“Our flexible manufacturing system enables KOTAG to manufacture virtually any form of sign or decal. As a result of the methods used small nameplates for switch panels manufacturing, decals and door signs can be produced in any quantity, at competitive prices and to world-class standards.”

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